Introducing ADL KDK

Welcome to Unixpadel's ADL KDK Page

At Unixpadel, we offer high-quality artificial turf systems designed specifically for Padel Courts. Our ADL KDK Artificial Turf is a state-of-the-art solution that provides exceptional performance and durability, ensuring a superior playing experience for Padel enthusiasts.

Unmatched Quality and Performance:

Our artificial turf system is meticulously crafted using Unixtruf prefibrillated curly polypropylene filaments. These filaments are specially designed to enhance friction, resilience, and resistance to abrasive wear. The unique characteristics of the filaments, combined with our innovative designs, ensure long-lasting durability and exceptional resistance on the court. 

FIP Approved by International Padel Federation:

We take pride in our commitment to quality and compliance. All our Artificial Turfs, including ADL KDK, are FIP approved by the International Padel Federation. Each turf is rigorously tested and certified by KIWA laboratory in the Netherlands, guaranteeing that it meets the highest standards set by the Federation. With Unixpadel's ADL KDK Artificial Turf, you can be confident in its performance and adherence to international regulations. 

Tailored for Padel and Tennis Surfaces:

The ADL KDK Artificial Turf is specifically designed and patented by Unixpadel for tennis surfaces and non-infill sport surfaces. Its unique composition and construction make it an ideal choice for Padel Courts. The yarn Dtex of 6800, combined with the curled filament design of 8 filaments, provides optimal playing characteristics. The yarn height options of 12mm, 13mm, and 15mm allow for customization based on your specific needs.


Sand Infill for Enhanced Performance:

To further enhance the performance and playability of our ADL KDK Artificial Turf, we recommend sand infill. The sand infill not only adds stability and support to the turf but also helps improve ball bounce and player traction. It creates a consistent and reliable playing surface that enhances the overall Padel experience.

Versatile and Available Separately:

In addition to being an integral part of our Unixpadel Padel Courts, we also offer our ADL KDK Artificial Turf separately. Whether you need to replace the existing turf on your court or are looking to install a new surface for a different application, our ADL KDK Artificial Turf is available for purchase. Experience the superior quality and performance of Unixpadel's artificial turf system in any setting. 

Elevate Your Padel Experience:

Unixpadel's ADL KDK Artificial Turf is your gateway to a superior Padel playing experience. With its exceptional durability, performance, and FIP approval, you can trust that our artificial turf will meet and exceed your expectations. Take your Padel game to new heights with Unixpadel's ADL KDK Artificial Turf.

Contact us today to learn more about our ADL KDK Artificial Turf and how it can transform your Padel court or other sporting surfaces. Let Unixpadel be your trusted partner in creating an exceptional playing environment.