Welcome to Unixpadel's Half-Closed Canopy

Experience superior craftsmanship and reliable protection with our state-of-the-art half-closed canopy. Designed with precision and built to last, this canopy is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Let's explore its exceptional technical features:

Robust Construction:

The canopy stands tall at 6 meters in height, supported by vertical paralleling pipes (89 x 3mm), securely welded to 18 Gijon and nut (15mm) plates.

Anchored with a concrete base during the sub-base process, ensuring stability and durability.

Steel plates (10mm) are expertly welded onto the mounted columns, providing additional reinforcement.

Advanced Truss Design:

The diagonal truss (42 x 2.5mm) is meticulously welded between the upper and lower twisted pipes (76x3mm) according to the project specifications.

To enhance strength and structural integrity, the truss is seamlessly integrated with beveled sheet panels (10mm) using a lifter.

Purlines (34 x 2mm) made of high-quality pipes are then mounted into the truss, completing the framework.

Sturdy Support and Wind Resistance:

Paralleling vertical pipes (76 x 3mm) are mounted on the back-goal, ensuring stability and support.

Wind joints and braces (42 x 2.5mm) are strategically placed between the truss, providing added reinforcement against strong winds.

Premium Membrane Features:

The canopy is covered with a 650-gram double-layer waterproof membrane, offering unrobbed flame impermeability for enhanced safety.

With anti-fungal properties and high UV resistance, the membrane is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Its exceptional fastness anti-fracture properties prevent bending and cracking, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Impeccable Finish:

The entire iron production undergoes a meticulous process, combining the properties of lacquer and anti-rust.

Each component is painted with a special synthetic resin-based paint in a sleek light gray color, not only providing a stylish appearance but also offering enhanced protection.

Versatile Access and Field Compatibility:

A hinged door made of robust (48 x 3mm) pipe size is intelligently installed in the steel construction, allowing convenient access to the canopy.

The goal post, constructed with desired measurements for the field, utilizes pipe size (89 x 3mm) to ensure optimal stability and support.

Choose Unixpadel for Excellence:

When it comes to quality, innovation, and superior craftsmanship, Unixpadel leads the way. Trust our half-closed canopy to elevate your outdoor experience with unmatched protection and aesthetic appeal.