Introducing ADLX3T

Welcome to Unixpadel's Introducing ADLX3T Page

One of our featured artificial turfs is ADLX3T. This turf is semi-sanded and boasts a dense grass surface with texturized monofilament fibers. The specific shape of the fibers ensures they remain in place, creating a stable playing surface with the perfect balance between grip and slide. The Unixturf filament used in ADLX3T enhances characteristics related to friction, resilience, and resistance to abrasive wear. This makes it ideal for Padel, a sport known for its intense movements and fast-paced gameplay.

Key Features of ADLX3T:

Yarn Dtex: 7300 Dtex Curled PP filament
Yarn Height: 12mm-13mm
Infill: Sand
Enhance Your Padel Experience: By choosing Unixpadel's artificial turf, you are investing in a surface that provides durability, resistance, and excellent playing characteristics. Our turfs are designed to withstand the demands of Padel, ensuring optimal performance over an extended period. Experience consistent ball bounce, reliable foot traction, and the perfect balance of grip and slide, allowing you to focus on your game and enjoy every moment on the court.

Upgrade or Create Your Padel Court:

If you already have a Padel court and are looking to upgrade the playing surface, our artificial turf options are an excellent choice. Whether you need to replace worn-out turf or want to improve the overall quality of your court, our turfs will meet your requirements.

For those planning to build a new Padel court, Unixpadel's artificial turf provides the foundation for a top-tier playing surface. With its FIP approval and exceptional features, you can trust our turfs to deliver the performance and durability you desire.

Choose Unixpadel's Artificial Turf:

Unixpadel is your reliable source for high-quality artificial turf for Padel courts. Whether you need turf for your existing court or are planning a new installation, our FIP approved turfs are the perfect choice. Elevate your Padel experience with our premium artificial turfs and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Contact us today to learn more about our artificial turf options and how we can assist you in creating or upgrading your Padel court. We look forward to serving you and providing the ultimate playing surface for your Padel endeavors.