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Introducing the UNIXPADEL Single Court, a testament to our commitment to providing padel enthusiasts with a top-tier playing experience. This court offers unparalleled structural stability, reinforced by additional tubes and a solid three-pillar frame construction. With secure footplates and a versatile design suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the UNIXPADEL Single Court ensures a safe and enjoyable game. Trust in its comprehensive safety measures, including the Structural Analysis Report by Istanbul Technical University. With ample playing space and customizable options for structure, mesh, glass, turf, lighting, color, and finish, this court delivers unmatched performance and durability. Contact our team to explore the technical specifications and create your dream UNIXPADEL Single Court. Elevate your padel game today!

The Unixpadel Panoramic Court is a top-of-the-line padel court that offers exceptional structural strength, a stunning aesthetic, and panoramic views for spectators. It has undergone rigorous analysis to ensure durability and safety. The court can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and it provides ample space for players to showcase their skills. The court features pillars and mesh for safety, tempered glass for visibility, and a choice of turf options. Lighting poles and LED spotlights guarantee excellent illumination during matches. With customizable color options and finishes, the Unixpadel Panoramic Court is the ultimate choice for padel enthusiasts. Contact our team to learn more and create your dream court.

The Unixpadel WP Challenge Padel Court is a highly stable and reliable court designed to withstand wind loads and impacts. Its structural integrity is reinforced with additional tubes and a solid three-pillar frame construction. The court has been professionally analyzed by Istanbul Technical University, ensuring its durability and resistance. Unixpadel uses premium materials and follows rigorous quality standards, making their courts suitable for FIP-approved tournaments. With a global presence and a dedicated team, Unixpadel strives to meet the needs of clients worldwide. Contact Unixpadel for more information or to request the detailed structural analysis report.

Experience the ultimate freedom of playing padel anywhere with the Unixpadel Portable Padel Court - Full Panoramic Model. This innovative court offers unmatched portability, allowing you to play in stunning locations such as beaches, rooftops, and parks. Setting up the court is effortless, thanks to the seamless portability ring that eliminates the need for anchoring. The court's sturdy construction and premium materials ensure durability and longevity.

UNIXPADEL Standard Court, a model designed for exceptional stability and performance. With reinforced construction, a solid three-pillar frame, and secure footplates, this court ensures optimal stability during gameplay. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it versatile for any environment. The court comes with a Structural Analysis Report from Istanbul Technical University, guaranteeing its safety and structural integrity. With ample playing space and customizable options for structure, mesh, glass, turf, lighting, color, and finish, the UNIXPADEL Standard Court offers unmatched performance and durability. Contact our team to create your dream court and elevate your padel experience.

The Unixpadel Full Panoramic Court is a leading choice for panoramic padel courts, offering exceptional structural strength and a stunning design. It has undergone a comprehensive study to ensure top-quality performance. The court provides a breathtaking viewing experience, both indoors and outdoors, allowing spectators to fully immerse themselves in the game. With precise measurements and recommended structures for different environments, the court offers versatility and stability. The technical specifications include pillars, mesh, tempered glass, turf options, lighting poles, lighting, color choices, and finishes. Unixpadel is dedicated to providing an unmatched padel journey and invites you to create your perfect Full Panoramic Court. Contact our team today to embark on this exciting experience.

Unixpadel introduces its Padel Court Covers, offering state-of-the-art metal structures designed to enhance the playing experience and ensure uninterrupted matches in any weather. These covers provide unmatched protection and compliance with high safety and quality standards. They shield against sun and adverse weather, allowing players to focus on their game. The covers feature an arch system with PVC tents for durability and optimal protection. With a movable cover system, the covers can be easily maneuvered to reach a height of up to 4 meters, providing flexibility and adaptability to different conditions. Unixpadel Padel Court Covers offer convenience, quality craftsmanship, and reliability, ensuring long-term performance. They allow players to control the playing environment, uncovering the courts for favorable weather and deploying the covers for rain, wind, or excessive sunlight. Contact Unixpadel today to discover the advantages of their Padel Court Covers and transform your playing experience.