Introducing the UNIXPADEL Single Court

– a testament to our commitment to providing padel enthusiasts with a top-tier playing experience. This model has been meticulously designed to offer excellent structural stability against wind loads, ensuring that your game remains uninterrupted.

Secure Footplates for Optimal Stability

To further enhance stability and prevent any unwanted movement during intense gameplay, the UNIXPADEL Single Court is equipped with reinforced footplates. These footplates are designed to secure the court firmly in place, ensuring that your focus remains on the game, not the court.

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Whether you prefer playing under the sun or indoors, the UNIXPADEL Single Court is a versatile choice. Its durable construction and adaptable design make it suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations, allowing you to enjoy the game in any setting.

Choose UNIXPADEL Single Court for Unmatched Performance

Elevate your padel experience with the UNIXPADEL Single Court. With its exceptional stability, adaptable design, and comprehensive safety measures, this court is the perfect choice for both recreational players and professionals alike. Trust in Unixpadel to provide you with a court that exceeds your expectations and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game.

Contact our friendly team today to explore the possibilities and create the perfect Unixpadel Single Court for your needs. Let's take your padel game to new heights!

Technical Specifications

Structure: The pillars of the UNIXPADEL Single Court are made of 80×80x4 mm steel, duplicated at the corners and securely anchored to the ground using hilti type expansion plugs.

Mesh: The court features an electrowelded mesh with dimensions of 50x50x4 mm, embedded in the pillars. This design ensures player safety by preventing injuries and irregular bounces during gameplay.

Glass: The UNIXPADEL Single Court utilizes tempered glass with a thickness of either 10 or 12 mm. This high-quality glass provides excellent visibility and durability.

Turf: Choose between a monofilament or textured turf, both of which offer exceptional performance and longevity. Enjoy a playing surface that enhances your game. Our Unixpadel Artificial Grass ADL3XT is approved by International Padel Federation standard by KIWA labrotary in the Netherlands.

Lighting poles: Select from a range of lighting pole options, including straight T shape, Sigmoidal K shape, or Oval D shape. These poles provide optimal illumination for the court, ensuring visibility during evening matches.

Lighting: Illuminate your game with 200w LED spotlights, boasting an impressive 26,000 lumens. These energy-efficient lights provide ample brightness for a clear and enjoyable playing experience.

Color: Personalize your UNIXPADEL Single Court by choosing from a range of colors. Options include Blue, Black, Green, Terrecoata, White, and Silver. Select the color that best suits your preferences or complements your surroundings.

Finish: The court's finish features powder electric galvanized paint, providing excellent corrosion resistance and a sleek appearance. Additionally, an optional hot dip galvanized finish is available for added durability and protection against the elements.

Unparalleled Structural Stability

The UNIXPADEL Single Court boasts a robust construction that guarantees exceptional stability even in the face of strong winds. All vertical columns of this court are reinforced with an additional tube measuring 80 mm x 60 mm x 3 mm. This reinforcement fortifies the structure, enhancing its ability to withstand external forces and ensuring a safe and enjoyable playing environment.

Reinforced Three-Pillar Frame Construction

We understand the importance of a solid foundation for optimal gameplay. That's why the UNIXPADEL Single Court features a reinforced and solid three-pillar frame construction. This design provides enhanced stability, allowing players to focus on their game with confidence.

Structural Analysis Report by Istanbul Technical University

At Unixpadel, we prioritize the safety and performance of our courts. As a testament to our commitment, we offer the Structural Analysis Report for the UNIXPADEL Single Court. This comprehensive study, conducted by the technical departments of Istanbul Technical University, assesses the court's structural integrity against wind loads and man power impact. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that your Unixpadel Single Court has been thoroughly tested and meets the highest safety standards.

Dimensions and Measurements

The UNIXPADEL Single Court offers ample playing space, with an inside game area measuring 20m x 6.4m. The foundation area, essential for ensuring stability and durability, extends to 20.9m x 7.2m.

Experience the Superiority of UNIXPADEL Single Court

With precise technical specifications and attention to detail, the UNIXPADEL Single Court offers unmatched quality and performance. Trust in Unixpadel to deliver a padel court that exceeds your expectations, enhances your game, and stands the test of time.

Contact our friendly team today to explore the technical specifications further and embark on the journey of creating your dream Unixpadel Single Court. Let's redefine your padel experience together!

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is the Unixpadel Single Court suitable for outdoor and indoor installations?
Yes, the Unixpadel Single Court is designed to be versatile and can be installed both outdoors and indoors. Its durable construction ensures optimal performance in various environments.
2What are the dimensions of the Unixpadel Single Court?
The inside game area of the Unixpadel Single Court measures 20m x 6.4m, while the foundation area extends to 20.9m x 10.9m. These dimensions provide ample space for enjoyable gameplay.
3Can the Unixpadel Single Court withstand strong winds?
Absolutely. The Unixpadel Single Court is engineered to offer excellent structural stability against wind loads. With reinforced vertical columns and a robust three-pillar frame construction, it can withstand strong winds without compromising player safety.
4What kind of lighting is included with the Unixpadel Single Court?
The Unixpadel Single Court comes equipped with 200w LED spotlights, generating 26,000 lumens. These energy-efficient lights provide ample illumination for evening matches, ensuring optimal visibility on the court.
5Can I choose the color of the Unixpadel Single Court?
Yes, you have the freedom to choose the color that suits your preferences or complements your surroundings. Unixpadel offers a range of color options, including Blue, Black, Green, Terrecoata, White, and Silver, allowing you to personalize your court. These frequently asked questions provide a brief overview of the Unixpadel Single Court's features, suitability, and customization options. For further information or specific inquiries, feel free to contact our friendly team, who will be happy to assist you.